Excellent care for maximum longevity!


The Care Guide will help you to keep your Unorganized products to look as good as the day you bought them.

On this journey of carrying and caring, we would like to support you in the best possible way which is why we have compiled the most important points for you.



1. Air Drying

Drying on a clothes rack is more beneficial as the fibres of the material are not unnecessarily stressed in the dryer.


2. Wash and Wear

By energetic shaking out the damp clothes several times after washing and then hanging them out to dry, you can save on ironing.

Tip: hanging products to dry on a hanger gives you the best possible result


3. Delicate Wash 30ºC

Low temperatures and a low spin rate are perfectly sufficient for washing and protect the material and prints. Our products are already pre-washed so that they cannot longer shrink.


4. Wash "Inside Out"

Always wash the garments inside out. This keeps the visible side more colourful for longer and also protects the prints.


5. Wash Less

Hang your clothes out to air once more before finally washing them. Minor stains can easily be washed out by hand using a little detergent.