A garment is never just an object. It is a spirit, a soul, an idea and creating it is a careful process.





We work together with a medium-sized family business north of Porto in Portugal for all Unorganized products. Here, the entire production process is monitored by one single source. In this family business, every step is planned and the fabric is carefully selected to ensure the high quality of our products. Furthermore, fair working conditions are secured. We are in permanent communication with our supplier and visit on site 1-2 times a year to work on new collections and to maintain good relations.




Until the 17th century, a few textile factories of incomparable quality existed in Portugal and, although an industrial revolution failed to appear, the industry grew steadily in the following centuries. The fabrics linen and cotton were predominant in Porto and Braga. As a result of the growth, the textile industry settled in Portugal in the middle of the 20th century.

In the 90s, Portugal suffered a severe setback as the industry increasingly moved to the Asian region. However, the ability to reinvent itself and the Portuguese creativity were a guarantee for success in the future.

Nowadays, the textile and apparel industry in Portugal is influenced by designers, new innovations, technology centres, research and investment in sustainability. This know-how is unique and helps manufacturing brands to ensure quality, ethics, and take responsibility. The term "Made in Portugal" is not only a label, but also implies trustworthiness.





We use 100% cotton for our products and specify the grammage (GSM) of our textiles on our product pages. This number indicates the fabrics grams per square metre and indicates the thickness of the fabric. A higher number means that the fabric is heavier, more resistant and of higher quality:

160 GSM: Normal T-Shirts
220 GSM: Heavy Weight Shirts
300 GSM: Unorganized Brand T-Shirts
320 GSM: Luxury Designer Brand T-Shirts

We, at Unorganized, use 300 GSM for our T-shirts, which is almost twice as much as a "normal" T-shirt. This higher grammage is more expensive to produce, but still has a direct impact on the feel and comfort.




The raw matericals  we wear every day form our second skin. These can be of natural or animal origin. These raw fabrics are the basis for our well-being. 

Cotton is the champion of the textile industry. It is the most democratic and accessible material. It is soft but robust, simple but versatile.

Cotton is a natural fibre with plant origin, obtained from the cotton plant. The cotton plant prefers warm and humid climates and grows in China, the U.S., Pakistan, Brazil, Greece and Spain. Cotton is easy to process and we humans can do almost anything with it. It is therefore no coincidence that cotton accounts for 40% of the textile fibres used worldwide. The fineness and softness of cotton leads to a high wearing comfort, which is why the material is just perfect for our products.



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